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Dr. Monée N. Merriweather
“Dr. Monée, what an awesome family session last night! I am so pleased with your work. To God be the glory for sending us to you.” -Ann R. age 49

“Dr. Monée, I just wanted to let you know that there is a God! All of your counseling paid off! I am truly one blessed lady!”
–Vickey R. age 61

“Dr. Monée, are you sure you don’t have super powers to make people happy? Before we came here, I couldn’t admit I was wrong and I fought with my mom and now we don’t fight like before. And it feels good to say I love you.” –Madison M. age 12
“Me and my sister use to fight and now we don’t fight as much. I’d rather not fight with her because she means a lot to me. Thanks for helping us Dr. Monée.” –Christian M. age 10

“Thank you Dr. Monée for loving on us through our daughter’s situation. Words definitely cannot express how grateful we are for your love, support, encouragement, prayers and counseling that you provide. I don’t know of too many doctors that actually connect with the entire family on a personal level. That truly means the world to us. You have a very kind and gentle spirit and it shows through your actions.” –Nan M. age 38

“Smile…Dr. Monée, I appreciate you for everything. You have been a blessing!” –Teisha C. age 38

“Dr. Monée, thank you for being someone who taught me to walk with strength and self-love.”
–Camille L. age 22

"I initially began seeing Dr. Monée with my husband for couples' counseling. During the process, we decided to separate, and I continued to see Dr. Monée individually for about two years. Although our marriage did not survive, I began to thrive with the help of Dr. Monée. Because of her advice and counsel, I was able to free myself from old, negative "tapes" and ways of thinking and began to really LIVE for the first time, honoring who I am without judgment or impatience. Dr. Monée helped me to free my heart, and although our sessions have come to an end I remain forever grateful to the invaluable help she provided. My life has completely changed for the better because of Dr. Monée,
and I now celebrate and love who I am instead of questioning or finding myself lacking. Thank you
Dr. Monée for helping me get to a place of happiness, acceptance and peace, even through life's challenges." –Vicki M. age 54

“Dr. Monée is my stable ground in a sometimes unstable and shaky world.” –Rhonda M. age 45

“I built up my courage and strengthened my heart and mind.” –Dakota R. age 11

“Counseling with Dr. Monée is an opportunity to open yourself up to who you are so you can live life to its fullest.” –Cindy D. age 40

“I really get something of significance out of every session.” –Jack W. age 53

“Dr. Monée affected every part of my life by helping me regain full trust in my parents.”
–Rachel M. age 17

“I like Monée! She’s my friend and she makes me happy.” –Maddie K. age 4

“Dr. Monée has the gift of putting life into perspective so that your problems seem less bullet proof and your life more manageable.” –Aaron G. age 29

“I am so thankful for Dr. Monée Merriweather’s insight and expertise. My life will forever be better because of working with her.” –Elizabeth M. age 26

“Dr. Monée has paved the way for strength, success, and healthy living for me and I am ever grateful.” –Matthew F. age 30

“Dr. Monée created an environment where I felt comfortable and empowered to take a hard look at myself and tackle what I thought at the time was not possible.” –Elizabeth F. age 36

“Dr. Merriweather has a heart to serve others and enable them to succeed. She saved my nursing career by providing the accommodations I needed to minimize my extreme testing anxiety. I am forever grateful!” –Bridget H. age 28

“Dr. Monée Merriweather gave my family our strength back. We learned valuable lessons on dealing with any situation positive or negative that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for making our family so much stronger. We have never been happier!” –Amber V. age 26

“Dr. Monée had the unique ability to connect with and gain the trust of my 17-year-old daughter. I was so impressed with her progress that I scheduled several sessions for myself to get a professional perspective on difficult life issues.” –Susan P. age 48

“Dr. Merriweather has truly been a blessing in my life. She taught me how to deal with reality, acceptance, forgiveness and either move forward in my marriage or move on in a positive way.
Dr. Merriweather is a down to earth, honest and caring person that made each visit welcoming
for me and my husband. Thank you Dr. Monée Merriweather.” –Maryann H. age 29

“What makes Dr. Monée one of the best counselors is the fact that she truly cares about her clients and doesn’t look at them as merely numbers or as additional business. For instance, during a session she never looks at the clock and she does not abruptly end a session based upon time; she ends it at a point where the client feels comfortable. Additionally, she makes follow-up phone calls to see how her clients are progressing. Her goal is to solve our problems and not get us addicted to and dependent upon counseling. She is open, direct, and unbelievably good at finding the root cause of the problems, and more importantly, solving them. And she does all of this without offending the parties involved. She helps her clients work out their problems at their comfort level instead of asking, “What do you think you should do?” –Renée M. age 38 & Patrick A. age 43

“I am forever grateful to Dr. Monée who taught me that self-respect was at the root of my relationships and as a result, I gained enormous confidence in approaching challenges with family and friends. In addition, Dr. Monée encouraged me to seek medical advice to better create a sound treatment plan.”
–Janet L. age 64

“Dr. Monée was wonderful. My husband and I went to see her when we were having trouble in our marriage. She explained in our first session that she was not interested in 'saving our marriage' but that her goal was to help both of us be happy, whether that meant married or unmarried. After a few sessions, she helped us come to the conclusion that staying together was what would make both of us happiest. And then we started on a course to strengthen our marriage; given tools to avoid troubles in the future. Dr. Monée was great to work with and such a fun person. She also worked so hard to get the most out of our insurance to our benefit. We really appreciate everything she did for us. Dr. Monée truly changed our lives for the better and in a lasting way.” –Alice & Seth C. ages 29

“Dr. Merriweather helped me with my problems. I sure hit a "home run" when I selected her to try and help me.” –James S. age 48

“Dr. Monée has been a blessing to my husband, my marriage, my family, and to me. I appreciated her welcoming approach to the many situations my husband and I sought guidance for which included family values to daily life. Dr. Monée was devoted to listening to our needs. She offered us solutions, was our advocate, and provided us tools (homework), validation, and encouragement. I will be forever thankful.” –Tina F. age 39

“Dr. Monée has worked miracles that my family and I couldn’t have summoned on our own. She has unified a bond that was otherwise shattered.” –AJ C. age 16

“Dr. Monée is the angel of the room. She’ll sweep your heart up in a second like a broom. She’s the light in my eye like I’m looking at the moon. I’m surprised because she’s like a second mom to me, but so soon. Her hugs make anyone’s day change from dark to light. When you hug her, they better be tight. When I hear Dr. Monée her face is in my sight.” –Zion C. age 14
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